Customized Solutions

Hydrive provides e-bike system design and production services based on your specific needs, including customizing the display, console, and battery. We can also customize the external design, battery capacity, power output, and degree of assistive force, allowing you to tailor parameters for your customers.

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Standardized Solutions

Hydrive provides standardized e-bike solutions including:
- Two types of display/control panels – LED and LCD
- Two types of power units – front motor and rear motor
- Two types of batteries – 36V and 48V

Training and Consulting

Hydrive provides a variety of e-bike technical consultant services including internal training, sales training and courses opened to the public. With our extensive experience in e-bike solutions, you can optimize your system quality, ride performance, after service, and production. Hydrive provides a turn-key service for your e-bike design and production needs.


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▌About Hyena Inc.


Strengthening the Innovation
Emphasis on the Integrity
A Focus on Professionalism
A Sustainable Operation


Hyena aims to provide smarter e-bike solutions for our customers by delivering standardized and customizable systems, high quality ride performance, and intelligent service software. Together, we hope to create a world of clean mobility.


Confronted with the global warming issue, it has always been a tough issue for mankind to reduce carbon emissions and to create a green world. Hyena advocates a green environment and a smart lifestyle through our products. Hyena promises to create meaningful careers to the future generations and the Earth.


Jul, 2013   Hyena was established.
Mar, 2014  Rhino Prototype was created.
Jul, 2014   Topi Prototype was created.
Jul, 2014   Cheetah Prototype was created.