Customized Integration Design

Hyena provides e-bike system design and production based on customized requirement, including display, control panel and battery. After getting the specification, function and performance request from customer, Hyena is able to design a specific e-bike system only for you.

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Standard Solutions

Hyena provides a standard e-bike system solution, including display/control panel, power unit and battery:
- Two types of standard display/control panel – LED and LCD interface
- Two types of power unit – front motor and rear motor
- Three types of battery – 24V, 36V and 48V.

Technical Consultant

Hyena provides a series e-bike technical consultant service, including internal training, sales training, and public courses. With Hyena rich experience in e-bike and professional team, you can have not only obvious improvement on system quality, riding performance, after service and production. In conclusion, Hyena solves all your issues on e-bike business.


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In 2013, a team consists of the engineers from different fields with same passions on electric vehicle, Hyena Company was set up in Taichung, Taiwan. Based on abundant experience on e-bike development, marketing and service, Hyena targets on providing the ideal e-bike/pedelec solutions. Not only the ready-made packages, Hyena also provides customized solution to expand and realize our goal — A Clean Mobility World.

Our Vision

Faced with global warming, to reduce carbon emissions and create a green world are always the tough issue and goal of mankind. Hyena advocates green environment and clean mobility through our product. Hyena promises to do meaningful careers to the future generations and the Earth.


Jul, 2013  Established Hyena Company
Mar, 2014 Rhino Prototype
Jul, 2014  Topi Prototype
Jul, 2014  Cheetah Prototype